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You buy a Filemaker license OR Filemaker Cloud subscription (bought separately) and run our


Custom made chiropractic practice application using the FileMaker Platform managing patient intake with validated questionnaires / red and yellow flag checklists, tracking clinical notes, processing billing transactions, automated generation of referral letters and insurance forms)

Other functions: eID, integration of notability functionality on a spine/skull, import of medical/other images/documents/reports via camera, differentiation payment options and chiropractor, automated sending of exercises, graphical presentation of clinic data.



Triage pediatric/pregnant/patiënt with specific intake forms/exam/flags/generation of letter and automated sending of reports

Reimbursement automatisation: have the exact reimbursement forms sent automatically to the patient via E-mail, without having to do anything.

Multilingual (NL-FR-ENG-DE-IT-ESP): there is 1 standard language of your choice. You can add other languages.